Koalisation’s unique model, allows companies to participate and invest directly in impactful projects in the African countries in which it operates, with the aim of achieving its compensation goals and increasing its ESG ratings.

Koalisation, being present on the ground, enables maximum project transparency, the possibility of doing field missions, the generation of carbon credits of the highest impact and high quality media assets, as well as a report on all impacts generated by the investment.
Furthermore, above a certain project size, Koalisation allows companies to be able to develop tailor-made CSR projects aimed at elevating brand identity and corporate values.

ESG Ratings

A detailed monthly report of impacts and carbon credits, water credits and biodiversity credits as they are certified


A personalized media package (photos, videos, testimonials from the field) for use across media platforms

Carbon Credits

Investing in Koalisation’s projects, the company gets high impact carbon credits to offset its emissions


Impact credits and Carbon offsets

Koalisation certifies its project on the Gold Standard registry. Upon emission the corresponding amount of offsets can be transferred to a registry account or burned on your behalf. We are currently in the certification process for the clean cooking Zambia program. We are over-compliant by design, as our local team ensures continuous monitoring and data collection. On top of the carbon offsets, the company will receive all water and biodiversity credits generated by the project activity

Project and Impact Report

Koalisation keeps generating positive impacts in the communities in which it operates. By investing in Koalisation’s projects, you will receive a quarterly report including all impact generated by the sponsored project.

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Media Assets

On a quarterly basis, Koalisation will upload customized photos, videos and high quality media assets on the project private platform. The medias are produced on the ground by Koalisation’s field officers

Customized Projects

Koalisation gives companies the opportunity to develop CSR projects in partnership, in order to generate a higher number of positive impacts.

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Our Team

Matthieu Meneghini

CEO and Impact Manager

Jonathan Senesi

COO & Head of Project Development

Francesco Facca


Working with indigenous communities to regenerate the planet

Believe in the power of change.

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