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Pioneering Carbon Neutral Pathways

Koalisation is dedicated to forging connections between forward-thinking
businesses and developing communities.

Our high-impact initiatives focus on empowering indigenous communities and fostering environmental regeneration.  We guide companies and their teams on a journey towards carbon neutrality, creating a sustainable cycle of positive impact and eco-consciousness

Meet the founders

An expert leadership team dedicated to be the change.

Matthieu Meneghini

CEO and Impact Manager


With a degree in Environmental Economics, I explored the entrepreneurial world before opening the ESG division at Green Media Lab.

After four years, I founded Koalisation to address the lack of transparency and impactful projects in the sustainability industry, aiming to solve fundamental problems that afflict our society and the planet.

Jonathan Senesi

COO and Head of Project Development


With a bachelor degree in Economics, I worked for 5 years as a product developer in the fashion industry. I became passionate about sustainability because of my multi-decade friendship with Matthieu, who allowed me to learn so much. We realized that the carbon credits sector had two huge problems: transparency and a real social impact on local communities. After months of studies and work during nights and weekends, in June 2022 we quit our jobs and embarked on this path, founding Koalisation in February 2023, making quite possibly the best choice of our lives.

Francesco Facca


PHOTO-2023-12-01-13-12-51 2

Brings a lifelong passion for the environment and over a decade of experience in finance and innovation, first as founder of a consumer start-up which reached series A, then as management consultant working with financial institutions including multiple tier 1 banks.

Holds a Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Cambridge University Judge Business School and BsC in Mathematics and Management from King’s College London. 

After 3 months of groundwork—sensitizations, baseline studies, and community engagement—we've ignited the change in the Mapalo community!
Jonathan Senesi


Our vision is to reduce the environmental impacts through a lasting social development of indigenous communities.


Our mission is to bridge the gap between corporations and indigenous communities to help solve the climate crisis.


Koalisation intertwines social upliftment with environmental conservation, targeting
key issues like mortality and deforestation in Africa through initiatives like clean
cooking and water access. We promote sustainable activities like beekeeping and
agroforestry, enhancing livelihoods and environmental health. Central to our
approach is empowering indigenous and local communities, ensuring their active
participation and ownership in driving sustainable, impactful change.

Indigenous stewardship is vital for both social and environmental impacts.
Indigenous communities possess a holistic understanding of their ecosystems,
integrating sustainable practices that ensure long-term resource viability. This
approach is crucial for biodiversity conservation, as indigenous territories often
coincide with biodiversity hotspots. Their sustainable land management
practices, including forest conservation, are instrumental in climate change
mitigation through effective carbon sequestration. Socially, indigenous
stewardship preserves unique cultures and languages, contributing to social
justice by recognizing and rectifying historical injustices. This stewardship offers a
sustainable development model that balances human needs with environmental
conservation, providing invaluable insights for global sustainability efforts.

Embracing indigenous stewardship can significantly enhance the effectiveness
and sustainability of environmental initiatives.

Indigenous stewardship is crucial for social and environmental health. It combines
deep ecological understanding with sustainable practices, crucial for biodiversity
conservation and climate change mitigation through practices like forest
conservation. This approach not only preserves unique indigenous cultures and
languages, promoting social justice, but also offers a model for sustainable
development that balances human and environmental needs, enhancing global
sustainability efforts

Koalisation, unlike brokers or consultants, directly develops projects for maximum
impact and transparency, countering the impersonal nature of traded carbon credits.
Our approach ensures detailed, ongoing reporting, combating greenwashing and
providing valuable media assets. Our subscription model creates a personal link
between employees in developed countries and households in developing regions,
fostering deeper commitment. Over time, this model enhances project impacts and
increases credit returns, making it a transparent, impactful, and increasingly
rewarding sustainability investment.

Subscribing to Koalisation stabilizes investment against fluctuating carbon credit
prices and grows impact assets, boosting green procurement and ESG ratings.
Financially, it offers predictable investments with escalating returns. Non-financially,
it enhances employee engagement and corporate citizenship, while unique digital
assets improve branding and communication. This approach elevates B Corp and
other ESG certification scores, demonstrating a deep commitment to sustainability.

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